Controversy Turned Dispute In BHU (Banaras Hindu University)

Banaras Hindu University, i.e. BHU faced a  controversy first and then it took a form of a Dispute. When our Prime Minister Narendra Modi came on a visit to Varanasi and stepped into the city, this all started. The girls started the protest for the sake of their safety. Then what happened—the whole university campus became dark and lathi charge on girls started. Many girls were injured and the whole campus turned into the police camp. From Banaras to Lucknow, the sound of Lathi charge echoed till Delhi. Group of many students protested at Jantar Mantar. UP Government took its Back-foot. The leaders of opposition parties started gathering in BHU premises. CM of the state reported the incident. Many officers were transferred, the University declared Leave 2nd October-2017. Administration initiated action to vacate hostels. True or false, Discussions on this situation began.

What do you think of this sequence of events, I do not know but it seems that this incident is the result of the ego of VC of the University, stupidity of the inexperienced police officers, the administration’s carelessness and the result of Miss-handling from Lucknow. After all, what exactly happened in this temple of education that resulted in the girl students react in such a way. Why are they so angry?

It seems that this time the BHU administration failed to know the reason of anger of girl students. When girl students started protesting, they were not taken seriously. Because of this failure of BHU administration, the girl students lost their temperament and the entire BHU united on the issue of security. After that fire,  lathi-charge happened, that became the black chapter for this university. Girls of BHU just want that sexual violence should be stopped in the campus. There was one more demand that the Vice-Chancellor himself should come and talk to them. And this ‘screw’ made this black movement longer. The Vice-Chancellor was not ready to come there and  the girls were not ready to go with the ‘delegation’ in their office.

After all, why the Vice-Chancellor did not want to fall into the picture?  Narendra Modi Government gave the slogan to -Save the daughter, teach the daughter. As soon as they came in power, Yogi Adityanath Sarkar created the anti-Romeo squads to save girls from flirting.

Girls who have been studying in BHU were demanding to stop flirting in the university campus. The girls only wanted that the vice-chancellor should Come and give them assurance in front of the media. But the vice chancellor did not accept their demand and all the dispute started.
If we analyze the BHU news of last two years then we see that the number of disputes in the university has been increased. Sometimes there is a clash between doctors and residents in Sir Sunderlal Hospital and sometimes the doctors beat Teemardars. Almost each day the students quarrel and fight and the university administration continues to remain mute.

Currently, there is no permanent VC in BHU. Since the departure of the former Vice-Chancellor Lalji Singh, the selection of new Vice-Chancellor has not yet taken place. Girish Chandra
Tripathi has been appointed a VC and his appointment is also in dispute. Actually, he is considered close to the RSS and prior to joining BHU, he was with Allahabad University. It seems from his words too. The Vice Chancellor says that he would not let emotion and rites end the peace of the university. Secondly, there is one more slogan echoing in the campus that we will not allow BHU to become JNU. The question here is -What does it mean that ‘we will not allow BHU to become JNU’? And who are the people say so? Well, the politics of allegations has increased sharply.
Here it is important to know that BHU doesn’t mean any one college, one  Faculty, one hostel,  one student or any student organization.  BHU is the largest residential university in Asia that is spread over 1350 acres. About 50,000 students and teachers from all over the world, live together in the same campus.
In 1997 Two students had died in the hospital for the Student Union since then, there is no student union here. In 2007, the BHU administration initiated and gave a platform to students for the student council. This continued for four years but the system could not get involved with the elections.
Changing in 2011, the tradition of elections began in three phases, but this continued for one term only. Then the students went to court for this matter. There is still no student union in the campus. The question is, why and how come the girls came to the target of police? Should there be a lathi-charge on girl students? After all, what is the rule? Is this the way to deal with girls? What Does Uttar Pradesh government want that no community of its kind Should raise the voice for its demands? Is it the only way to deal with all kinds of opposition?

Does it Sound just? BHU’s Vice-Chancellor says that Nationalism will not end in the University. What does nationalism mean? Is the demand by girl-students for their protection anti-national? Is their peaceful protest anti-national? Do you justify your demands against any injustice? Is it anti-national? Or is it fine that Modi, the Sangh, and his ideology only is the nation and whosoever stands against this ideology is anti-national?

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