Honeypreet Bail or Jail

Honeypreet became a saleable item for the National News Channels. They run  Honeypreet and Baba Ram Rahim’s fabricated Stories frequently anytime.A few days before, a man named Vishwas Gupta appeared on the channel. He claims to be former husband of Honeypreet. Now here the channel people got a chance to showcase another spicy story. Media people caught him and started running Baba and Honeypreet’s Raslila again on the channel with peppery news heading- “Honeypreet on Gurmeet’s Bed”, ‘Its Hammam not a room”, “Black page in the name of Father-daughter relationship”, “Fate of devotees” and “ an open play with devotion of women” etc..etc.

The channels are telling stories showing sex, thrill, suspense and everything in them. But now people have become bored of seeing Honeypreet stories. These days some of the links related to Honeypreet are trailing on social media. “Dear Honeypreet, wherever you are, please come back soon… no one will say anything to you … these news channels have cooked up in your affair.”

Now the question is- Where did Hanipreet disappear? The ground swallowed or the sky has eaten! Today the whole staff is busy looking for Honeypreet. The question is when Honeypreet could easily be caught and then why was not caught. On the basis of information received from the Intelligence agencies, it is believed that Honeypreet could be in Nepal. By the way, this angle has been formed by the channels only.

A deeper investigation is being done on the Nepal border. On the border, photos of Honeypreet have been pasted, but to our surprise, nobody has seen those posters. All incoming and outgoing people are being examined thoroughly coming from India and Nepal. Security agencies are completely tact. While on this issue, Nepal police officers say that they don’t have any official information about any method of Indian Government.

Then where did Honeypreet’s news come from? Till date, even Haryana Police has not been shown saying that they are going to Nepal in search of Honeypreet. Neither did the Nepal Police say that they are looking for Honeypreet. Nonetheless, it is estimated that on the Indian border, the vigilance has been intensified. But Nepalese police is not taking any official steps looking for Honeypreet. People living in Nepal have full knowledge of Honeypreet. According to Media reports Nepalese citizens are also aware of Honeypreet.  Some Nepali nationals told on the Indo-Nepal border that they are learning about Honeypreet through TV and Newspaper News only. If they receive any information about her then they would make the Nepal Police aware. This story too has been spread by channels only.

In the case of rape of two women-sages, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is behind the bars and his so-called daughter Honeypreet is absconding. Ram-Rahim and Honeypreet’s relationship are taking new forms each day. A few days back, the doctors of the prison had disclosed that he has a bad addiction od sex. Due to lack of sex in jail, his health is poor. Some days before, Honeypreet’s former husband, Vishwas Gupta had disclosed in a press conference that there was an unfair relationship between Honeypreet and Ram Rahim. He also said that

Honeypreet was  his wife just for namesake and  she spent all her time with Ram Rahim only. Since Gurmeet Ram Rahim went to jail Honeypreet Insan is missing. Ram Rahim adopted Honeypreet in 2009. Honeypreet’s real name is Priyanka Taneja. Vishwas Gupta and Priyanka got married in 1999. Dera Chief Ram Rahim Singh was aware of their marriage because Gupta family were associated with the Dera Trust.

In 2011, Vishwas Gupta filed the application for divorce. According to reports the reason for filing divorce by Gupta was Honeypreet’s unfair relations with Baba Ram Rahim. There is an age- gap of 13 years between Honeypreet and Baba.

During this period one more news came that shocked everyone. Honeypreet who was being searched by the Police in the country, who was said to be hidden in Nepal, International alerts were made for her, now, it is said that she is in the capital Delhi

On Monday, Honeypreet, through his advocate, has filed an anticipatory bail petition in Delhi High Court. Honeypreet’s lawyer Pradeep Kumar Arya demanded transit bail for 3 weeks in Delhi High Court. Haryana Police also came to Delhi to catch her but Honeypreet was not found anywhere.

The question is- Is that really the police was searching for Honeypreet? Did Hanipreet flee to Nepal or it was false? What was the basis to say this? Did the police have any clue or its only the voice of the channel floating in the air?  If she ran away, did she go alone Or with someone? Do Honeypreet’s parents know about it?

When Baba and Honeypreet’s relation was disclosed while CBI inquiry, then why didn’t the police keep an eye on Honeypreet? Even after proving as accused, Honeypreet accompanied Baba Ram Rahim to Rohtak jail in the Helicopter. Police should have detained her there and then only. Why didn’t they do it? Whether the police was under Ram Rahim’s influence or pressure? There are so many such questions floating in the air. All are looking for the answer from the police. At the same time, all are waiting for the decision of the Court too. Would Honeypreet get anticipatory bail or jail?

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