Courage is Stronger Than A Mountain: Story Of Mountaineer Arunima Sinha

What does a person need for success?

Strong will and determination, and if you have it then nobody can stop you from being successful. If you do any work with dedication and strong will power, so not only you, a disable person can also achieve his/her targets because disability is in thinking, not of the body.

Any accident or mishap can make us disable but no force can make our thinking disable if we have strong will power. It is our attitude or point of view toward ourselves that makes us different from others.

A person becomes disable from his own thinking, attitude, and mentality. If a disabled person gets determined to fulfill any of his goals then his disability can become his biggest ability.

We have seen so much in movies but do you remember any such example in Real Life? I will tell you about a woman who, despite being disabled achieve her goal to climb Mount Everest. The woman I am talking about was not disabled from birth; In a painful tragedy, one of her legs was cut off and an iron rod placed in another leg.

You must have seen in newspapers and news channels that on April 11, 2011, National-level volleyball player was going to Lucknow from Delhi on Padmavati Express. During the journey, when some robbers tried to rob her but her sportsmanship spirt and never giving up attitude make her fight with those robbers till the end.

She didn’t give up and fought with them. And when the robbers failed to succeed, they pushed that volleyball player down from the moving train. But there was something else to agree, almighty wanted to test her. There was a train coming on the railway track which she was fell on, and that train crushed one of her legs.

Fortunately, her life was saved but in Delhi’s AIIMS hospital she lost one of her legs and in another leg doctors placed iron road. Now she could never play volleyball. The incident made her helpless in the eyes of others but she did not want to see herself helpless and dependent.

Inspired by cricketer Yuvraj Singh, she decided to do something so that she could again live her life with confidence. So that people do not consider her a helpless woman.

Then she decided to do something unusual, which seems impossible even for a normal and strong person. She decided to reach the world’s highest mountain peak, Everest. And with her goal, people around her might think that her brain also got deformed along with her leg.

But she was an athlete and she has not learned to accept defeat. After facing many troubles and hardship, she gradually completed mountaineering training. And after that, she started climbing the Everest. After 52 days of the hard and difficult climb, she finally completed Everest on May 21, 2013.

She becomes the world’s first disable women climber and recorded her name in the history. We guess by now you have recalled her name… no? Her name is Arunima Sinha.

Even after reaching the Everest, Arunima didn’t stop. She made the goal of conquering the highest mountain peaks of all the seven continents of the world. From that time till now, she hoarshed India’s flag on many mountain peaks and she is continuously moving forward towards her goals.

Apart from her efforts to achieve her goals, Arunima also runs “Shaheed Chandrasekhar Azad Handicapped Academy Of Sports” for disabled children. A terrible and unfortunate accident changed the life of Arunima. If she wanted, she can live a helpless life.

Arunima Sinha is a true sportswoman, and because of her sportsmanship spirit, she did not give up on her life. And even after that accident, she achieved a lot of success. Such people make history with their strong willpower and dedication, which helps them to make every goal possible.

Friends you have seen, despite being disabled Arunima Sinha succumbs to Everest. So why can’t we succeed in our everyday life? No goal is small or big if you have strong will power and if you want to fight every challenge, then success will definitely come to you.

So what is holding you, whatever goal or target you found difficult just think, is that higher than Mount Everest. If not, so start moving in that direction. Yes, you will have to take few steps and that destination will seem to be coming towards you and success will be in your steps.

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