Right Decisions And Opportunities For Success

Your success or failure depends on your decisions. Your one wrong decision can reverse years of hard work and a right decision, taken on time can become the reason of your success.

You take thousands of decisions in your life, decisions you make without giving a second thought often leads you to disappointment. But the decision you made thoughtfully will benefit you in a long run. The decision which has been taken emotionally also get reversed many times.

For it, I would like to give you an example.

Once a 70-years-old carpenter decided to take retirement from his work. When he told this to his master, the owner becomes sad because the carpenter who worked with him for so many years is leaving. The owner agreed with his decision, but he asked the carpenter to build a house for one last time.

The old carpenter said yes and started the work, but this time he worked perfunctorily and also used the cheap quality material. The house got ready in a few days but was not as good and strong as his previously made houses.

When the house was built the owner of the carpenter came to see it. After seeing the whole house he gave the keys of that house in the hands of the carpenter and said this is your gift from my side for your honesty.

Think… if that carpenter knows that he is going to be the owner of that house, will he make the house in the same manner he made. The carpenter, throughout his life, worked intensely and built fabulous houses. But one wrong decision he took at the end, made all the damage.

The same applies to our lives, one wrong decision on lakhs of correct decisions can ruin everything and at the end, you will only get disappointment. It is also necessary to take a decision at the right time. Sometimes there are some situations when you have to make quick decisions.

At that time, your self-confidence and risk-taking ability works for you. The risk taken at that time will either get you success or failure. But if you won’t take any decision, then you will hundred percent get the failure.

But this formula does not work every time, whatever the decision it may be it should be right and fully considered. Today’s decision will give you advantage or disadvantage in future, therefore, one should always take a decision considering the future.

It is not necessary that your decision is of everyone’s interest because many time you need to take such tough decisions which are right and beneficial for most people and some people can disagree with them.

First of all, think about how important that decision is for your business. After this, see whether this decision is causing any harm to anyone or not and then see what will be its effect in the future.

A right and thought-provoking decision make your journey easier and a wrong decision can become the obstacle of your way.

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